Every order will ship with a free face mask.

Every order will ship with a free face mask.



I’m giving away masks that I’ve made. I’m using fabric that I’ve got excess of and left over elastic that I can’t use because it may not have dyed very well etc. They have nose shaping and a pocket opening in the back for a filter. I’ve tested washing them with boiling water and they’re fine. I am in NO WAY saying these will prevent you from getting covid19 but they are absolutely better than nothing. Every order right now will get a free mask.

If you want a mask but can’t afford to order, I will send you a mask for the price of shipping only. I’m not going to list these in my shop as both Etsy and Shopify have fees and I’d rather just bypass that. My paypal email is knickerocker@gmail.com If you just want one, PayPal me the cost of shipping (choose send money to friends) and I’ll make one for you.


UK £1.15

EUROPE £2.97




Let me know whether you want the bear nose or mustache and what size (small for kids, medium for small faced adults and Large if you have a big face like me) & check your address is correct. I can’t guarantee colors. If you want more than one, DM me and I’ll let you know shipping cost. I’ll make them till I’ve no supplies to use. Stay safe 💕