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Guide to Buying Lingerie and Underwear on the Internet

What do you need to know when buying underwear online?

Really the most important thing you need to know when buying bras and knickers is your size and even if you don't know that, I can most definitely help you.

So what else might you consider?

  • The occasion you are buying for.
  • Any preferences to styles that you are familiar with.

But lets go back to size.  As a guide to buying lingerie and underwear on the internet, at least for the the most part, Knickerocker items have standard sizing which is small to extra large. I have a detailed size chart if you want to see the numbers and all that good stuff, but I choose to go with these generic sizing terms as its friendlier in a world wide context. My sizing is true to size and for ease of use, its based on dress sizes.

Sewing orders in the studio
All items are made to order and can be easily custom altered.

But what if I'm bigger or smaller than your size range?

Not a problem at all as I can make to any size. Ideally outside of the standard range I prefer to work with measurements, mostly because shapes can differ massively and some folk might have a bigger waistline and smaller hips or vice versa and still wear a 3XL but the fit on a "standard" 3XL probably wont be great for either. And I want the clothes you buy from Knickerocker to actually fit you well. So all I need from you are your measurements,  here are the details on how to measure.

What if I have no means to measure myself?

I can make to a standard XS or 2XL, 3XL etc but if you can include any more information like "I wear a size 22 pant / trouser / dress size" This is helpful.

What if I'm buying a gift for someone else and I'm not sure what size they are?

If you live with them, a sneaky look at their clothing labels will help out here. Otherwise you can always contact me and give me a well known/celebrity person who most resembles the size of your recipient. My fabrics are soft and stretchy so there is always a bit of wiggle room when it comes to fit.

So I know my size, what else should I think about?

Knickerocker clothing is primarily about fun, colorful, comfortable underwear and really is a far cry from "nude" undergarments. Personally, I think this is a selling point, however if you are looking for invisible support intimate wear, we probably are not it. So if you are dressing for an occasion where you don't want your Wonder Woman bra and panty set seen under your cream chiffon dress, I say, wear a different dress! 😜


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